Flexibility Is My Super Power

I've found myself having to breathe deeply--a lot. I imagine many of you mamas are. COVID of course, and everything else in between.

I don't know about you but I've pretty much been in the house 90% out of the last five months. Here in NY there's still not too much to do. We go to neighborhood parks, and out to eat at times--but most of what we've done this summer consists of travel to state parks. Thank God for state parks.

But anyway, I've had to focus on opening up my lungs consistently for the past few weeks. (Constant mantra in the background: Inhale deep, exhale slow.) Not being able to go the gym or take my daily walk has taken a toll on my stress levels--as that was my normal go to before all this hit. Not for a lack of trying either. We work at getting park walks, and I try to get in full workouts at the house, but no matter what they get interrupted by something or another--or by the time Dory gets out of work I'm freaking exhausted. (Breastfeeding my 7 month old is sucking the energy dry.)

Breastfeeding is important to me, so I know I'll make it through but I've got to be more flexible in how I get my exercise in. I've just been so stuck on trying to make it happen the way I'm used to through walking or the gym, but I guess that's the old me. Pre-COVID me, so somethings got to change.

Here's the plan: 40 minutes of yoga or dance/cardio through the day. I'm not going to push myself to do it all at once, or at a planned time (because yeah, planning with five little ones, that ain't happening). I'm going to be more flexible from this moment on. If I have the chance to do 10 minutes, I'm jumping on it. Every minute I can until I've accomplished the full forty minutes.

Join me if you like. My favorite yogini is Yoga with Adrienne. Let me know how the break up

in timings work out for you.



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